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Fast and Hassle-Free Shopping: Target’s Delivery Options and Return Policy

Targets Delivery Options:

Same-Day Delivery with Shipt and

Two-Day Shipping

In todays fast-paced world, convenience is king. With people leading busy lives, getting what they need quickly and easily is essential.

Target understands this need and has stepped up its delivery options significantly. Whether you need groceries, household essentials, or clothing, there are now plenty of options to get what you need promptly.

Same-Day Delivery with Shipt

One of the most impressive delivery options offered by Target is same-day delivery via Shipt. Shipt is Targets partner company that hires professional shoppers to purchase and deliver items directly to your doorstep.

With a $99 annual membership fee, members can enjoy unlimited free same-day deliveries on qualifying orders above $35. Shipt is a top-rated delivery service that offers comprehensive coverage across the United States.

With over 300,000 individual shoppers, customers can trust that their orders are in good, capable hands. This professional shopping service promises to deliver fresh groceries, medications, toys, games, and other items right to your door.

By shopping with Shipt at Target, customers can track their packages in real-time via the app, which allows them to stay updated on their delivery status. Additionally, Target and Shipts partnership makes it easy for loyal Target customers who enjoy the stores benefits to enjoy same-day delivery through their preferred retailer.

Two-Day Shipping

If you’re not looking to pay for a membership fee, Target also offers readily available deliveries for both loyal and non-loyal customers through two-day shipping. The shipping is free on qualified Target RedCard purchases or on qualifying orders of $35+.

Orders can be packed at the Target store to ensure prompt and fast delivery, with one-day delivery available in some areas. With this option, customers can also track their packages via the app and get daily updates on their delivery status.

Additional Target Order Services:

Drive-Up and

Order Pickup

For customers seeking immediate gratification without having to wait for same-day delivery or traditional home delivery services, Target offers additional order services, such as drive-up and order pickup. These services are excellent for customers who want to avoid any potential shipping delays and prefer shopping online for in-demand items that need to be picked up immediately.


Drive-up is available through the Target app and offers nationwide, free same-day service. You can add items to your cart and order them directly through the app, select the drive-up option, and choose whether to be notified by email or text message when the order is ready.

No tipping or service fees are required with this option, and customers can expect fast and easy service that is contactless.

Order Pickup

The order pickup service is available nationally, and loyal customers can use their benefits without any fees or membership requirements. With just a few clicks, orders can be made through the Target app and ready for concession in just a few hours.

Customers who prefer to pay via mobile wallet may do so, and the option to change orders is also available.


Target has been ahead of the game for a long time in terms of efficient, cost-effective delivery options and has only continued to improve for their customers’ convenience. With several delivery options and services, Target has made high-quality shopping available, accessible, and fast.

From order pickups to drive-ups and same-day deliveries with Shipt, customers can enjoy quality services with worldwide support for their products. So, whether youre looking for groceries, clothing, or household essentials, be rest assured that Target will provide you with a swift and reliable delivery service.

Target’s Return Policy:

Full Refund within 90 Days and

Target-owned Brands and Registry Items

Target is a one-stop-shop for everything from clothing to home goods, electronics and groceries, and more. However, sometimes customers need to return items, and Target has streamlined its return policy to make it as easy as possible.

With a wide variety of options available to its customers, Target’s return policy has something for everyone.

Full Refund within 90 Days

Target makes returning a product easy and fuss-free. Customers who are not satisfied with their purchases can return most items to Target either in-store or online within 90 days of the original purchase date, allowing customers to shop more confidently.

For open software or entertainment items, customers can perform a return within 30 days of the original purchase date. If customers purchase an item from a target store, they can return the item either at the store itself or online via mail.

If the customer has ordered an item online, that item can be returned either to a store near them or via mail, whichever they prefer. When requesting a refund via mail, Target provides a printable pre-paid label upon submitting the return online.

In the case of new and unopened electronics, Target allows customers to return them within 30 days of purchase, subject to a hardware repair policy. For items with only parts that are returnable, like fitness equipment or baby gear, customers have 90 days to request a refund.

If a customer faces a challenge returning an item within the 90-day window, Target may allow a return or exchange at their discretion outside of the standard return policy timeframe, subject to limits and exclusions.

Target-owned Brands and Registry Items

At Target, customers can also find a vast range of items under their Target-owned brands, such as Goodfellow & Co. (clothing), Pillowfort (kids’ bedding), and Opalhouse (home decor). The convenience of shopping with these brands is that Target purchases, the manufacturing and distribution process are all streamlined, allowing the company’s brands to offer unique designs and high-quality products at affordable pricing.

Fortunately, Target’s return policy extends to their Target-owned brands, and customers who are dissatisfied with their products can return or exchange them within 90 days of purchase, just like any other item. Any of the Target-owned brands can be returned or exchanged, assuming they are still in their original condition with the tags attached.

The products can also be returned by mail or taken to the Target store closest to the customer. For Target registry items, the return policy extends up to one year after purchase.

That means if a customer is unhappy with the gifts they received from their Target registry or if the gift arrives damaged, they can return the item for either a refund or a gift card worth the purchase price. The return process for registry items can be done either in-store or online, and items that were shipped can be returned by mail using the shipping label attached to the order invoice or a printable pre-paid shipping label, which can be requested on Target’s Contact Us page.


In conclusion, Target’s return policy is unequivocally one of the most customer-centered policies, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their items and have a fair window to return them if they are not. With an extensive range of return options and the ability to return and exchange Target-owned brands, customers can shop with confidence knowing that Target has got them covered in any situation.

So whether a customer purchased a clothing item that didn’t fit or received registry gifts they didn’t like, Target’s flexible return policy makes it simple to find the perfect solution. Target’s delivery options and return policy offer customers a range of choices for convenient and hassle-free shopping.

With same-day delivery via Shipt, two-day shipping, drive-up, and order pickup services, customers can receive their purchases quickly and conveniently. Target’s return policy provides peace of mind, with a full refund within 90 days for most items and one year for registry items and Target-owned brands.

Target’s commitment to customer satisfaction means that they always put their customers first. As a result, customers can shop with certainty and satisfaction, knowing that if they need it, support is available.

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