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Maximizing Efficiency: BOK Financial Hours and Customer Service Options

Banking is an essential aspect of modern-day life, and it is important to know the hours of operation of your bank. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about BOK Financial hours, as well as alternative banking options outside of traditional business hours.

Normal Business Hours

BOK Financial is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is the ideal time to conduct business with the bank. During these hours, you can visit your local branch and speak to a representative about your account, make deposits or withdrawals, or conduct any other banking transactions.

In addition to the regular business hours, BOK Financial offers drive-thru services that provide customers with more convenience and flexibility. With this service, customers can do everything they would do inside the bank but directly through their car.

This service is available during regular business hours.

Weekend Hours

On weekends, BOK Financial is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. This means that if you have any banking needs that arise over the weekend, you will have to wait until Monday to conduct business.

Make sure to plan accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

Holiday Hours

Like most banks, BOK Financial follows the federal holiday schedule. So, it’s crucial to check the holiday schedule to know when the bank will be closed throughout the year.

The bank is closed on the following holidays:

– New Year’s Day

– Martin Luther King Jr. Day

– Presidents Day

– Memorial Day

– Juneteenth National Independence Day

– Independence Day

– Labor Day

– Columbus Day

– Veterans Day

– Thanksgiving Day

– Christmas Day

Online and Mobile Banking

In recent times, online and mobile banking has become popular over the traditional brick-and-mortar bank. BOK Financial understands this trend, and therefore they have made sure to implement technological advancements into their services.

As such, customers can access their account information, check balances, monitor activity, and pay bills anytime through their online banking portal and mobile app. Furthermore, BOK Financial mobile app allows customers to make mobile deposits, transfer money, and set up alerts to keep them up-to-date on any account or transaction activity.

To access these services, customers should visit on their web browser or download the mobile app from their app store.

Nationwide Network of ATMs

BOK Financial is aware that not all banking transactions can be done traditionally in a banch during normal business hours. For instance, a customer might need to deposit or withdraw cash from their account after the bank has closed.

Therefore, the bank has invested in a nationwide network of ATMs that offer various services. Customers can withdraw and deposit cash on their accounts, check balances, or transfer money from one account to another using BOK ATMs nationwide.

They may also make mobile deposits and cash deposits using the deposit-enabled ATMs.


In summary, it’s essential to know the banking hours of your bank, such as BOK Financial, to avoid any inconvenience. The bank is open on weekdays, and they also offer drive-thru services during that time.

Be aware that BOK Financial is closed on weekends, and on federal holidays like New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and others. Moreover, customers can access their account information and handle transactions like paying bills, monitor activity, and mobile deposits even outside of normal business hours.

With BOK Financial’s nationwide network of ATMs, customers have access to various banking services, like deposits, withdrawals, transfer money, and many more. When it comes to banking, customer service is key.

Whether you have a question about your account, need to report fraudulent activity, or need help with a transaction, it’s essential to have access to reliable customer service. In this article, we will provide you with all the ways to contact BOK Financial customer service.

ExpressBank Customer Service Line

If you need to speak to a customer service representative, BOK Financial has an

ExpressBank Customer Service Line. You can call 844-517-3308, and a representative will be available to help you with any questions you may have during business hours.

The hours of operation for the

ExpressBank Customer Service Line are:

– Monday to Friday: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

– Saturday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

– Sunday: Closed

It’s important to note that the customer service line is closed on Sunday. If you need assistance outside of these hours, you can send a secure message from your online account.

Send a Secure Message from Your Online Account

BOK Financial understands that some customers might not have time to call or have access to the phone. The bank provides customers with the option to send a secure message from their online account.

This feature allows customers to send a secure message to BOK Financial’s customer service team, asking for anything related to their account. Customers can ask about account issues, transaction history, or any other matter they need assistance with.

Once the message is sent, the team will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. To send a secure message, customers should log in to their online account, click on the “Messages” tab, and select “Send a new message.”

Schedule an Appointment with Your Local Branch

For those who prefer to speak to a representative in person, scheduling an appointment with your local branch is the perfect solution. Customers can visit their local branch during business hours and speak to a representative face-to-face to provide a more personalized experience.

To schedule an appointment, customers can call the bank or go to the BOK Financial website and click the “Schedule an Appointment” tab. From there, customers can input their information, select the branch they wish to visit and select a time convenient for them.

Additional Contact Information on BOK Financials Website

BOK Financial’s website has additional features for customers who require more information than standard customer service. If you need contact information for a specific BOK Financial department or have any other inquiry, BOK Financial’s website has a page dedicated to contact information.

On the website, you can find BOK Financial’s contact information, such as physical address, phone numbers, and email addresses. Additionally, you can find more specific information for departments, like Commercial Banking or Wealth Management.


BOK Financial provides customer service through a variety of contact methods, including phone, secure messages, and in-person visits. With the

ExpressBank Customer Service Line, customers can speak to a customer service representative during regular business hours.

Customers can also send a secure message from their online account to receive assistance, or set up an appointment at their local branch. Finally, the BOK Financial website has detailed contact information and resources for customers to find the answers they need.

In conclusion, contacting BOK Financial customer service is essential for any banking needs. Customers can reach out to the

ExpressBank Customer Service Line or send a secure message from their online account.

They can also schedule an appointment at their local branch or find additional contact information on the BOK Financial website. Knowing BOK Financial’s hours of operation and alternative banking options is crucial to ensuring efficient, reliable services.

In a world that’s fast-paced and on-the-go, having access to quality customer service makes BOK Financial a great choice for everyone’s banking needs.

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