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Surviving the Retail Industry: Challenges Efforts and Positive Signs

Retail Chains Facing Challenges and

Reasons for Struggling Retail Chains

Retail has been a mainstay of the economy for centuries. However, in recent years, the retail industry has undergone significant changes.

Preceded by the global recession, which began in 2007, there has been a shift towards e-commerce. Due to this shift, brick-and-mortar retailers have had to adapt to stay relevant.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the retail chains that are facing challenges and reasons why some retail chains are struggling. Kohls Sluggish Sales, Inflation, Layoffs, and CEO Switch-up

As one of America’s largest department store chains, Kohls hasnt been immune to the struggles of the retail industry.

Their sales have been sluggish recently, and the company has been facing inflationary pressures that have increased their cost of goods sold and lowered profits. To combat this, Kohls initiated several cost-cutting measures such as layoffs, reducing inventory, and shutting down stores.

Moreover, Kohls CEO, Michelle Gass, recently stepped down from the role. Her departure could be seen as a result of the company’s underwhelming performance in recent years.

The new CEO, Jill Timm, who joined the company in May 2021, will need to have a clear vision for the company and identify ways to revamp its marketing initiatives and connect with its customers. Joann Borrowing, Sales Pick-up, and Restructuring

Joann, the craft and fabric retailer chain, has been facing challenges due to the changing nature of retail.

Joann has borrowed heavily to survive the harsh retail climate. However, the company has also seen some positive news with sales increasing, primarily driven by the DIY trend that arose due to the pandemic.

Recently, Joann has embarked on restructuring efforts to make the company more efficient. Restructuring efforts have included streamlining operations, bringing supply chain management in-house, and centralizing purchasing.

The restructuring should help the company lower fixed costs and optimize its operations, making Joann more competitive in the market. Party City Bankruptcy, Pandemic, Inflation, Restructuring, Sales Drop, and Stock Performance

Party City, known for its party supplies and decorations, has found itself dealing with several challenges in recent years.

The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2019. The pandemic hit Party City hard in 2020, with customers canceling events and parties, and in-person shopping was severely reduced.

Party City also faced inflationary pressures, causing the cost of goods sold to rise, lowering profits. Despite efforts to restructure, including cost reductions, improved inventory management, and expanding their e-commerce offerings, the retailer has seen a notable drop in sales and disappointing stock performance.

Rite Aid Debt, Loss, Store Closures, Cash Flow, and Interest Rates

Rite Aid, a pharmacy and drugstore chain, is grappling with challenges such as debt, loss, store closures, cash flow, and interest rates. Rite Aid has been struggling with the high levels of debt they carry.

The company has been operating with a negative cash flow due to interest on their debts, coupled with plummeting sales. Rite Aid has had to close underperforming stores, which have further impacted its financial performance.

To address their financial challenges, Rite Aid has taken some steps such as renegotiating terms of their debt, cost-cutting measures, and strategic store closures.

Reasons for Struggling Retail Chains

While these companies have been facing a range of challenges, they are not alone in the retail industry. There are several reasons why retail chains might be struggling in the current market.

Shifts in Consumer Buying Habits Modernize, Adapt, and Customer Preferences

Consumer buying habits have undergone a significant shift. Consumers are looking for convenience, innovation, and personalized experiences.

Many retailers have been slow to modernize and adapt to these new consumer preferences. Retailers that embrace the changes and offer new experiences that cater to consumer demand are more likely to be successful.

Rise of Amazon Online Shopping, Competition, and Convenience

Retailers no longer compete solely with other retailers in their market. Amazon has become a household name, and the online retail giant’s convenience and competitive pricing have disrupted the traditional retail industry.

Retailers can no longer afford to ignore Amazon’s impact and must take steps to remain competitive in the market. Looming Recession Economic Downturn, Reduced Spending, and Financial Instability

The possibility of a looming recession is always a significant concern for retailers as consumer spending tends to drop during an economic downturn.

Retailers must have contingency plans in place to weather a potential financial crisis. Retailers that are prepared, efficient, and agile in the face of an economic upheaval are more likely to survive and thrive.


In summary, the retail industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. This article has discussed some of the retail chains that are facing challenges and why some retail chains are struggling.

While shifts in consumer buying habits, the rise of Amazon, and a possible economic recession are challenges facing the retail industry, it is still possible to thrive. Retailers that can modernize and adapt to new consumer preferences, remain competitive in online sales, and are prepared to tide through any economic upheaval can survive and even thrive in the current market.

Efforts to Attract Customers and

Positive Signs for Struggling Chains

The retail industry has always been in a state of flux, and retailers are always on the lookout for ways to attract more consumers. In this article expansion, we will be talking about some of the efforts made by retail chains to attract customers and the positive signs that are emerging for struggling chains.

Kohl’s Fresh Fashion Ideas, Inclusivity, Differently-Abled Shoppers, and Gender-Neutral Clothing

Kohl’s is making a concerted effort to be more inclusive and diverse in their product offerings. They have introduced gender-neutral clothing lines and have made a foray into adaptive clothing designed for differently-abled shoppers.

According to Kohl’s, the adaptive clothing line was developed with feedback from people who use wheelchairs, wear leg braces, or have undergone surgical procedures. Moreover, Kohl’s is looking to infuse new offerings by bringing in fresh fashion ideas.

They are partnering with up-and-coming fashion designers and influencers to offer new and unique styles to their consumers. By embracing diversity and consciously catering to a variety of customer needs and preferences, Kohl’s is positioning itself to attract a wider customer base.

Joann Pandemic-Related Projects and Merchandise Selection

Joann is a haven for crafters and DIY enthusiasts. The pandemic has brought a renewed interest in crafting and DIY projects, and Joann has capitalized on this trend by introducing craft kits designed for at-home projects.

Additionally, Joann has highlighted easy-to-make projects on their website and instore displays, encouraging customers to shop for supplies while also inspiring them to try something new. In addition, Joann has continuously revitalized their product selection by introducing new crafts and projects that cater to niches such as home decor, wedding planning, kids’ crafts, and more.

These new offerings can attract more customers by catering to their craft preferences, thereby increasing the likelihood of Joann retaining more of their consumer base.

Party City Supply Selection and Restructuring Plans

Party City’s focus is on providing party supplies and decorations for all types of events. Despite the challenges they faced, Party City has been making concerted efforts to attract more customers by refocusing their efforts on supply selection and restructuring plans.

Party City streamlining the merchandise assortment to stock the most popular items and updating their e-commerce platform. By doing so, Party City has catered to customers’ needs and made shopping more convenient, ensuring customer satisfaction.

The company had also been working on restructuring plans and new financing to ensure its long-term viability. Moreover, Party City is expanding their offerings beyond just party supplies by extending into the Halloween and Christmas holiday seasons, offering costumes, decorations, and Christmas supplies.

This pivot establishes Party City as a go-to destination for seasonal supplies all year round.

Rite Aid Store Closures and Increased Prescription Volume

Rite Aid is a pharmacy and drugstore chain. They have invested in upgrading their stores and experiencing success by concentrating on increasing the number of prescriptions filled each day.

Rite Aid has planned to close some underperforming stores to focus on better serving its customers and enhancing its operations. Rite Aid has made a concerted effort to increase prescription volume, taking advantage of customer needs and preferences.

The company has rolled out a prescription delivery service and automated refills to improve customer convenience and satisfaction. The increased prescription volume will also help Rite Aid to stabilize its revenue and profits.

Positive Signs for Struggling Chains

Despite the difficulties they encountered, some retail chains have maintained positive performances and are moving forward. Kohl’s – N/A

Kohl’s has yet to report any noteworthy positive signs recently but remains optimistic due to recent renewals in store leases and efforts to attract more consumers by offering fresh and inclusive fashion ideas.

Joann – Projected Sales Growth

Joann has seen positive developments in their sales growth since the pandemic. Joann anticipates their merchandise selection, and pandemic-related products can sustain their growth and attract a more diverse group of customers.

Party City – Sales Increase Compared to 2019 and Hold Onto Stock

Party City has reported a 6.7% sales increase compared to its financial numbers from 2019. Despite facing pandemic-related problems, stock issues, and poor market performance, Party City has turned things around and was able to hold onto their stocks.

Rite Aid Debt Pay-Off Plan and Increased Prescription Volume

Rite Aid has devised a debt pay-off plan to address their financial issues. They are continuing their efforts in automating and increasing prescription volume and benefiting from new initiatives to improve customer satisfaction and convenience.

The company hopes these efforts will lead to an increase in profit and revenue.


In conclusion, retail chains are operating in a challenging environment that calls for inventive approaches to attract and retain customers. Various efforts are being made by these chains – introducing a new supply selection, restructuring plans, and providing adaptive clothing – to stand out as the go-to destination in their respective niches.

Additionally, even struggling retailers such as Joann, Party City, and Rite Aid have demonstrated considerable resilience, with positive developments that indicate their focus on making the right strategic choices to prepare for the future retail industry’s challenges. In conclusion, the retail industry is continuously evolving, and retailers have to adapt to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers.

Retail chains such as Kohl’s, Joann, Party City, and Rite Aid have faced unique challenges while also implementing efforts to attract new customers. By focusing on inclusivity, introducing new merchandise selection, and expanding their e-commerce offerings, retailers are trying to stay competitive in the market.

Despite the difficulties faced by these retail chains, there are still positive signs of progress in their sales growth and restructuring efforts. As retailers navigate the changing consumer landscape, adaptation, and growth is essential.

The key takeaway is that the retail industry is dynamic and constantly changing, necessitating evolution and innovation to thrive.

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