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The Great Girl Scout Cookie Shortage: Impact on Troops and Available Options

Girl Scout Cookie Shortage: The

Impact on Local Troops

Are you a fan of Girl Scout Cookies? Do you eagerly await the annual cookie-selling season?

Well, this year may not be as sweet as previous years, as a shortage of Adventurefuls one of the newest cookie offerings has hit the market. But why has this happened, and what impact does it have on local troops?

Let’s dive into the details.

Shortage of Adventurefuls

Adventurefuls, the newest addition to the Girl Scout Cookie lineup, have already become a fan favorite. With a brownie-inspired cookie, caramel-flavored crme, and a hint of sea salt, it’s no surprise they’re popular.

Unfortunately, a shortage has occurred due to supply chain issues. The pandemic has disrupted many industries, and the cookie-making process is no exception.

Little Brownie Bakers, the primary manufacturer for Girl Scout Cookies, have experienced labor issues due to the pandemic. As a result, production has slowed down, and Adventurefuls have been hit particularly hard.

Mitigation of Shortage

To mitigate the shortage of Adventurefuls, the Girl Scouts have been sourcing cookies from ABC Bakers, another manufacturer. This means that some troops may receive Adventurefuls while others receive a different type of cookie, such as Thin Mints or Samoas.

While the shortage of a popular cookie may be disappointing for some, it’s important to remember that the Girl Scout Cookie program is more than just selling cookies. It’s an opportunity for girls to learn business and financial skills, as well as self-confidence and leadership.

The impact on local troops goes beyond the cookies themselves.

Impact on Local Troops

The Girl Scout Cookie program is a vital source of funding for local troops and helps them achieve their goals, such as funding a camping trip or a service project. The shortage of Adventurefuls affects each troop differently, depending on their allocation and how much they were planning to sell.

Troops that were planning to sell a high volume of Adventurefuls may be disappointed and need to adjust their sales strategy. Some troops may not receive any Adventurefuls at all and need to sell different types of cookies instead.

This can be challenging, as some customers specifically request certain cookie flavors. Additionally, the pandemic has caused a lack of volunteers to pick up and distribute cookies.

With social distancing guidelines in place, some troop leaders may not feel comfortable having large groups of people handle and distribute cookies. This can lead to delayed delivery and slower sales for the troop.

Moreover, the removal of the girl-delivery option from the Digital Cookie selling tool can also have an impact on local troops. This option allowed customers to have the cookies delivered directly to a Girl Scout, who would then deliver them in person.

This was a popular option for customers who wanted to support a specific troop or girl. However, due to pandemic-related safety concerns, the option has been removed for the time being.


The Girl Scout Cookie shortage may be disappointing for some, but it’s important to remember that the program is more than just about selling cookies. It’s an opportunity for girls to learn essential skills and build self-confidence.

While the shortage of Adventurefuls is unfortunate, it’s necessary to adapt and find new ways to achieve troop goals. If you’re looking to support local troops, be sure to check out the available cookie options and purchase some boxes.

You’ll be helping girls achieve their goals and learn valuable life skills in the process. Keeping the Girl Scout Cookie tradition alive is not only delicious but also an investment in the next generation of leaders.

Available Options for getting your Girl Scout Cookie fix

If you love Girl Scout Cookies, you may be disappointed to hear about the current shortage of Adventurefuls. However, fear not – there are still plenty of ways to get your cookie fix while supporting local troops in the process.

Here are some available options you should consider:

Alternatives Still Available

Just because Adventurefuls are in short supply doesn’t mean that there aren’t other options to choose from. Girl Scout Cookies are available in several other flavors, including Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, and more.

These classic flavors are beloved by many and are still available for purchase. While it may be tempting to try the newest addition to the lineup, don’t forget to consider all the other options that Girl Scout Cookies have to offer.

Ship from Other Areas with Adventurefuls Still in Stock

While some regions may have a shortage of Adventurefuls, others may still have them in stock. To get your hands on this popular flavor, consider ordering from a council or troop in another area.

Make sure to check with the council or troop first before placing an order, as they may have specific guidelines or shipping fees. By ordering from another area, not only will you be able to enjoy a cookie that has become difficult to find, but you’ll also be helping out another troop or council.

Order Online for Home Delivery

With the pandemic still affecting many parts of the world, ordering online for home delivery has become increasingly popular. This applies to Girl Scout Cookies as well – many councils and troops have adapted to the current situation by offering online sales and home delivery.

This can be a convenient option for those who may not feel comfortable going out or who may not have a local troop in their area. Check with your local council or troop to see if they offer this option, or go to Girl Scouts’ official website to find a council near you.

Support Local Troops Through Finding Cookies in Your Area

While online ordering is convenient, there’s something special about buying Girl Scout Cookies in person. If you’re looking for a way to support local troops in your area, there are several resources available.

The Girl Scout Cookie Finder is a tool that allows you to search for cookie booths in your area. You can also check with your local council or troop office to see if they have any upcoming cookie booths scheduled.

By buying from local troops, you’re supporting their goals and helping them gain valuable skills in the process.


The current shortage of Adventurefuls may be challenging, but there are still plenty of options available for those who love Girl Scout Cookies. From trying out classic flavors to ordering online or finding cookies in your area, there are ways to satisfy your sweet tooth while supporting local troops and the Girl Scout Cookie program overall.

Keep in mind that while cookies are delicious, the program’s ultimate goal is to help young girls gain essential life skills. So go ahead and indulge in some cookies, knowing that you’re also investing in the future generation of leaders.

In conclusion, despite the current shortage of Adventurefuls, there are still several options available to satisfy your Girl Scout Cookie cravings. Alternatives like Thin Mints and Samoas are still available, and shipping from other areas with Adventurefuls still in stock is an option.

In addition, ordering online for home delivery and supporting local troops by finding cookies in your area are also great options. While enjoying these cookies, it’s important to remember that the Girl Scout Cookie Program is about more than just satisfying cravings; it’s about empowering young girls with valuable life skills.

So go ahead and indulge in some cookies while supporting the next generation of leaders.

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