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The Lucrative World of NASCAR Endorsements and Sponsorships

NASCAR Sponsorships and Product Placements

NASCAR, known as the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, is one of the most popular sports in the United States. With millions of fans in the country, it’s no wonder why companies aim to capitalize on the sport by investing in sponsorship deals with NASCAR teams.

In this article, we’ll delve into the importance of sponsorships in NASCAR and the value of endorsements for top drivers.

The Importance of Sponsorships in NASCAR

Sponsorships are enormous for NASCAR. As the sport is watched by millions of people and has a loyal fan base, companies are willing to pay top dollar to put their logo on a car.

In the world of NASCAR, sponsorships allow companies to have their brand seen by millions of consumers. When a company sponsors a NASCAR team, they get the driver and the car acting as a moving billboard for them.

With sponsorships being such a lucrative industry for NASCAR, it’s no surprise that their teams depend largely on them for their existence. NASCAR teams rely on sponsors to cover the costs of fielding a car and travelling to all the races.

Without the support of sponsors, these teams would be forced to fold or operate on a reduced schedule.

The Value of Endorsements for Top Drivers

Not only are sponsorships important for teams, but they are also crucial for the sport’s top drivers. One of the biggest factors in a successful driver’s paycheck is the endorsement deals they have outside of racing.

These deals come from a variety of companies such as car manufacturers, auto parts stores, and clothing lines. Chase Elliott: Career Accomplishments

Chase Elliott is one of the rising stars in NASCAR.

After a standout career in NASCAR’s lower circuits, Elliott made his way to the Cup series in 2016. Since then, he has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments.

In 2020, he won his first Cup championship, the sport’s highest honor. Elliott has also been very successful on the race track, with more than 12 wins in Cup races to his name.

His success on the track, combined with his marketability off the track, has led to many other opportunities for him. Chase Elliott: Endorsement Deals and Earnings

Endorsements have become a significant part of a NASCAR driver’s earnings.

In Chase Elliott’s case, he has a variety of endorsement deals and sponsorships. Hooters, a restaurant chain known for its wings and beer, has long been a staple on Elliott’s car.

Other brands, such as NAPA, Chevrolet, Valvoline, and Untuckit, have also joined the team. While endorsement earnings are rarely disclosed, Forbes estimates Elliott’s earnings from endorsements to be around $8 million per year.

It’s important to note that his endorsement deals are a supplement to his primary earnings from races.


Sponsorships and endorsements are vital to the success of NASCAR. Not only do they help teams cover the costs of fielding a car and travelling, but they also provide drivers with significant earning opportunities outside of race winnings.

With the continued popularity of the sport, it’s likely that sponsorships and endorsements will remain a significant part of the NASCAR world, and drivers like Chase Elliott will continue to reap the rewards. Kyle Larson: Racing Background and Success

Kyle Larson is one of NASCAR’s best drivers, famous for his dirt-racing background and success in the Cup series.

Larson’s racing career started at a young age, competing on dirt tracks throughout California. He quickly climbed the ranks, winning numerous championships and gaining national recognition as a dirt-track racer.

In 2012, Larson caught the attention of Chip Ganassi, and he began racing in NASCAR’s lower circuits. With his natural talent and hard work, Larson quickly moved up the ranks and made his way into the Cup series in 2014.

Since then, he has become one of the top drivers in the sport. Larson’s success in the Cup series cannot be understated.

Before his 2021 suspension, he had earned six Cup series victories, six poles, and 23 top-five finishes. His most notable win came in the 2021 All-Star Race, where he dominated the field and won the $1 million prize.

Kyle Larson: Endorsement Deals and Earnings

Kyle Larson is a hot commodity when it comes to endorsements. His skill on the track and charisma off of it have made him a marketable figure for companies looking to leverage his popularity.

Durst, an industrial manufacturer, recently signed a multi-year deal with Larson to be their official brand ambassador. Pristine Auction, an online auction website for collectibles, also partnered with Larson to offer their users exclusive merchandise.

Apart from these deals, Larson also has partnerships with Oakley, Bell Helmets, and the JVI Group. Industry insiders estimate that Larson’s endorsement earnings are in the vicinity of $1 million per year, though this amount could increase with Larson’s continued success on the track.

Joey Logano: Career Accomplishments and Nickname

Joey Logano has made a significant impact in the NASCAR world, having won numerous races and even a championship title. He is affectionately known as “Sliced Bread” due to his nickname as a child, “The Little Entenmann’s,” which arose when a reporter asked Joe Gibbs Racing when they were going to bring up their young driver, Logano, to the Cup level.

The response was, “I can tell you one thing: He’s not FedEx ready, but he’s definitely Entenmann’s ready.”

Logano’s driving accolades speak for themselves. In 2018, he won the Cup Series championship, becoming the second-youngest driver ever to do so.

He also has more than 20 Cup Series victories to his name and was the youngest-ever winner of a Cup Series race when he won at the age of 19 years and 35 days. Joey Logano: Primary Sponsorship and Additional Deals

As the primary sponsor of Logano’s car, Pennzoil has been a significant presence in his career.

The motor oil brand has been the primary sponsor of Logano’s car since 2018 and will be sponsoring him through the 2022 NASCAR season. Logano has also secured a variety of other endorsements and partnerships over the years.

AAA, a travel and roadside assistance company, is another one of his major partners, as is Autotrader, an online platform for buying and selling cars. These partnerships allow Logano to earn additional income on top of his race winnings.

Industry insiders estimate that Logano makes around $2 million per year from endorsements and sponsorships alone. He also has various other income streams such as book deals, guest appearances, and merchandise sales.

These partnerships and the resulting earnings are a testament to Logano’s enduring popularity in the world of NASCAR. In conclusion, while the nature of NASCAR means that race winnings make up a significant portion of a driver’s income, endorsement deals are also crucial to a driver’s overall earnings.

Drivers like Kyle Larson and Joey Logano have proven their value both on and off the track, securing lucrative sponsorship deals and endorsement partnerships that supplement their primary income. These deals are a testament to the enduring popularity of NASCAR and its star drivers, paving the way for a bright future for the sport.

Brad Keselowski: Championship Wins and Team Changes

Brad Keselowski is one of the most successful drivers in the history of NASCAR. Since making his debut in the Cup Series in 2008, he has won numerous races, including the 2012 Cup Series championship.

Prior to joining Team Penske, Keselowski won the Xfinity Series championship in 2010. In 2020, Keselowski made the move from Team Penske to RFK Racing, where he will be the driver and team owner.

Keselowski’s move to team ownership was a logical step for a driver who has long been known for his business acumen. With his experience on and off the track, Keselowski could bring the team a level of leadership that it might not have had otherwise.

As a driver, Keselowski’s talent has never been questioned. His 2012 Cup Series championship win was the result of his natural driving ability and his willingness to learn from his experiences.

Since then, Keselowski has continued to impress on the track, consistently finishing near the top of the leaderboard. His move to team ownership at RFK Racing will be an exciting chapter in his career.

Brad Keselowski: Endorsement Deals and Earnings

Brad Keselowski is one of the most marketable drivers in NASCAR. He has numerous endorsement deals with brands like Discount Tire, Miller Lite, and Autotrader.

Discount Tire has been a long-time partner of Keselowski’s, having signed him to a multi-year deal as early as 2010. Similarly, Miller Lite has been a continuous presence in Keselowski’s career, having sponsored his car for many races.

Autotrader, a popular online platform for buying and selling cars, also has a partnership with Keselowski. These deals have led to Keselowski earning a significant amount through endorsements throughout his career.

In total, Keselowski’s estimated earnings from endorsements come around to be around $2 million per year. These earnings are supplemental to his race winnings and are a testament to his enduring popularity as a NASCAR driver.

Martin Truex Jr.: NASCAR Cup Series Championship Win

Martin Truex Jr. is one of NASCAR’s top drivers, known for his consistency and endurance on the track. He won the 2017 Cup Series championship with the Joe Gibbs Racing team, earning him his first Cup Series title.

Truex Jr.’s championship win came in a season where he dominated the track. He won eight races, earning him more than any other driver that season.

His success is a testament to his skill on the track and his ability to perform under pressure. With the Cup Series championship under his belt, Truex Jr. has cemented his status as one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history.

Martin Truex Jr.: Endorsement Deals and Earnings

Martin Truex Jr. has numerous endorsement deals, leveraging his popularity and reputation as a driver to secure partnerships with major brands. Bass Pro Shops, a retailer of outdoor equipment and apparel, has been a long-time partner of Truex Jr.’s.

The company has sponsored his car numerous times and utilizes his image in its marketing campaigns. Truex Jr. has also signed a multi-year deal with Reser’s Fine Foods, a manufacturer of packaged salads and side dishes, in 2017.

The deal allows Truex Jr. to serve as the company’s brand ambassador and helps to expand the reach of Reser’s Fine Foods. Industry insiders estimate that Truex Jr.’s earnings from endorsements and sponsorships are around $1 million per year.

These earnings help to supplement his primary income from race winnings, allowing him to continue to compete at the highest level. In conclusion, for drivers in NASCAR, winning races and championships are not the only requirements needed to reach success.

Endorsements are a significant part of a driver’s income, and it helps to boost their overall earnings. Drivers like Brad Keselowski and Martin Truex Jr. have leveraged their racing success to attract numerous endorsement deals with major brands, allowing them to expand their horizons outside of the sport.

The continued support of these sponsorships and endorsements are vital in ensuring the growth and success of NASCAR in the future. Kevin Harvick: Career Accomplishments, including Championships and Victories

Kevin Harvick is a NASCAR driver known for his accomplishments on the track.

He won the NASCAR Cup Series championship in 2014 and has numerous victories to his name, including the Daytona 500 and the Brickyard 400. Harvick’s victory in the 2014 Cup Series championship marked a significant milestone in his career.

His consistency on the track and his natural driving ability allowed him to consistently finish near the top of the leaderboard. This determination and hard work culminated in an overall win that was a testament to his skill as a driver.

Apart from his championship victories, Harvick’s racing career has been filled with many notable wins. He won the Daytona 500 in 2007 and has notched six victories in the Brickyard 400.

Harvick’s skill on the track is undeniable, and his career accomplishments have cemented his status as a NASCAR legend. Kevin Harvick: Endorsement Deals and Earnings

Kevin Harvick is a popular figure in the world of NASCAR and has numerous endorsement deals to his name.

He has brand partnerships with a variety of companies, such as Rheem, Subway, Busch, and Ford. He also formed a partnership with Mobil, which exclusively provides fuel and lubricant to his team.

Harvick’s endorsements earn him a significant amount of money every year. Industry insiders estimate that his earnings from sponsorships and endorsements are around $6 million per year.

These earnings are supplemental to his income from race winnings and are a testament to his enduring popularity in the NASCAR world. Denny Hamlin: Career Accomplishments, including Multiple Daytona 500 Victories

Denny Hamlin is another highly successful NASCAR driver known for his accomplishments on the track.

Hamlin has won three Daytona 500 races in his career, a milestone that has made him one of the sport’s elite drivers. Hamlin’s career has been filled with other notable accomplishments.

He has won the Cup Series Rookie of the Year award, and he was the Busch Series champion in 2008. Hamlin’s consistency on the track and his natural driving ability have allowed him to consistently finish near the top of the leaderboard.

Denny Hamlin: High-Profile Endorsement Deals

Denny Hamlin’s reputation as a top-level driver has made him a highly sought-after brand partner. He has notable endorsement deals with companies such as Logitech, FedEx, and Toyota.

His partnership with the Michael Jordan brand has also gained significant attention given the enormous popularity of Michael Jordan. Coca-Cola and Nike are also prominent sponsors of Hamlin, having secured contracts with the driver to generate mutually beneficial brand exposure.

His endorsement earnings are estimated to be upwards of $12 million per year, a testament to the enduring popularity of NASCAR and the influence that its top-level drivers have. In conclusion, the world of NASCAR is highly competitive, and the success of drivers is based on multiple factors.

Brand endorsements are a significant part of a driver’s income and can help to boost their overall earnings. Drivers like Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin have leveraged their racing success to attract numerous endorsement deals with major brands, allowing them to expand their horizons beyond the sport.

NASCAR’s continued support of these sponsorships and endorsements is essential in ensuring the continued growth of the sport and its star drivers. In summary, endorsement deals are integral to the careers of NASCAR drivers.

Successful drivers are able to attract lucrative partnerships with top brands, bringing in sizable yearly earnings. Kevin Harvick and Denny Hamlin are two such drivers, with each boasting successful racing careers, earning millions of dollars from endorsements via partnerships with brands like Rheem, FedEx, and Coca-Cola.

These endorsements allow drivers to supplement their income from race winnings, making them a crucial component of NASCAR culture. The sport’s enduring popularity is in part dependent on the continued support from these sponsorships and endorsements, securing a bright future for NASCAR drivers and fans alike.

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