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The New Normal: Luxury Hotels Charge for Pool Recliners

Luxury Hotels Charging for Pool Recliners: Is it a New Normal? Picture this: you’re staying at a luxury hotel, soaking up the sun by the pool, when you get up to grab a drink.

When you come back, you find that someone has taken your pool recliner. Frustrated, you decide to grab another one, only to be stopped by an attendant who informs you that there will be a daily charge for that.

With more and more luxury hotels starting to charge extra fees for pool recliners, the question arises: Is this the new normal in the hotel industry? Luxury Hotels, Pool Recliners, and Charging

In recent years, some luxury hotels have introduced a new fee – charging customers for poolside seats.

This exclusive poolside experience has previously been offered to guests for free, but with the new fee, the luxury hotel experience is now only available to those who are willing to pay extra. Take Bellagio in Las Vegas, for example.

In 2021, it introduced new pool chairs that come with a premium price tag. The chairs, known as Encore Beach Club Cabanas, offer guests a private poolside retreat with a roof, comfort seating, and plenty of shade.

The fee? A whopping $200 per day.

The Excalibur Hotel & Casino, also in Las Vegas, introduced a similar fee, charging $15 for a single pool chair and $25 for a double. Sheraton Waikiki in Hawaii and JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Arizona have also started charging for chairs.

Pricing and Availability of Pool Seats

But while some luxury hotels have started charging for poolside seats, not all of them have followed suit. In fact, some hotels are still offering chairs for free.

So, what determines whether or not a hotel charges for pool chairs? One factor is pricing.

The priciest hotels in Vegas, such as the Aria Resort & Casino, Wynn Las Vegas, and Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, don’t include a charge for all chairs. Instead, they offer options like daybeds, cabanas, and bungalows at varying price points.

Another factor is availability. At the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa in Phoenix, Arizona, only 35% of pool chairs are available for rent.

The rest are reserved for hotel guests on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if you’re staying at the Resort, you have a higher chance of finding a free seat.

The Reason for Charging Customers for Pool Chairs

So, why are luxury hotels charging customers for pool chairs? One reason is convenience.

By charging extra for poolside seats, hotels can ensure that guests who really want a chair will have access to one. This prevents the frustration of searching for a free chair, only to find that they’re all taken.

Another reason is exclusivity. By charging for poolside seats, hotels can create a sense of exclusivity and make guests feel special.

This can be particularly appealing to high-end customers who are willing to pay extra for a luxury experience. Lastly, hotels want to avoid inconvenience.

By reserving seats for those who are willing to pay extra, hotels can ensure that guests have a stress-free poolside experience. It also helps to prevent overcrowding and ensures that all guests have enough space to relax comfortably.

Comparison with the Hotel Industry

But, is charging for pool chairs becoming a standard in the hotel industry? The short answer is no.

While some luxury hotels have started charging extra fees, it’s not yet an industry standard. It’s worth noting that many luxury hotels still offer pool recliners to all guests for free.

This includes high-end resorts like Four Seasons, The Ritz-Carlton, and Waldorf Astoria. Furthermore, in many parts of the world, charging for poolside seats is not yet a trend.

According to a 2018 survey by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, only 16% of American hotel guests have encountered pool chair fees. However, as more luxury hotels start to charge for poolside seats, it’s possible that this could become a new standard in the industry.


Luxury hotels charging extra fees for poolside seats may be a new trend, but it’s not yet a standard in the industry. While convenience, exclusivity, and avoiding inconvenience are some of the reasons behind these fees, some high-end hotels still offer pool recliners to all guests for free.

Ultimately, it’s up to each hotel to decide whether or not to charge extra for poolside seats. Possible Outcomes: The Future of Pool Chair Charging

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, the question arises about the future of pool chair charging.

While some hotels continue to charge extra fees for poolside seats, others are beginning to think more creatively about how to offer guests a premium poolside experience. Here are some possible outcomes to consider.

Pool Chair Charging May Disappear in the Future

It’s possible that charging extra for poolside seats may disappear in the future. Over the past few years, the trend has been for hotels to increase the number of free pool recliners and limit the number of chairs available for rent.

For example, many hotels are now offering premium poolside experiences that include more features than just access to an empty chair. They may include a premium bed with a canopy, personalized food and beverage service, and additional amenities like a private shower or changing room.

These experiences are often sold at a premium rate, making pool recliner fees unnecessary.

Hotels May Add More Features for Charged Pool Chairs

Another possible outcome is that hotels may add more features to their charged pool chairs. By enhancing the chair experience, hotels can justify the extra cost and create a more memorable and luxurious experience for guests.

In some hotels, this might mean including additional amenities like food and beverage service or access to exclusive areas like rooftop pools. Some hotels might offer personalized services, like a pool attendant who will provide towels, sunscreen, and other amenities.

Others might include unique entertainment experiences, like live music or celebrity DJs.

Expert Opinions: What Travel Experts Say About Pool Chair Charging

Travel industry experts have mixed opinions about pool chair charging. Some argue that it’s a natural part of the luxury hotel experience.

According to Forbes Travel Guide, “For those willing to pay extra, poolside lounging becomes something of an exclusive leisure club.”

Others, however, view it as a less-than-ideal customer experience. “I find it absolutely absurd that a hotel would charge guests for a pool chair,” says Matthew Kepnes, travel blogger and founder of Nomadic Matt.

“We’re already paying to stay at the hotel. Why should we have to pay extra for access to basic amenities?”

While opinions may differ, it’s clear that pool chair rental is targeted at those who are willing to pay for luxury experiences.

For many travelers, it’s an opportunity to elevate their experience and indulge in a little bit of luxury while on vacation. Is Pool Chair Charging Here to Stay?

So, is pool chair charging here to stay? At this point, it’s hard to say.

While the trend has certainly caught on in some luxury hotels, others are bucking the trend by offering more inclusive poolside experiences. In the end, it’s up to individual hotels to decide whether or not to charge extra for poolside chairs.

For some, it may be a way to create a more exclusive and luxurious experience. For others, it may run counter to the idea of hospitality and guest service.

Only time will tell whether or not pool chair charging is here to stay. But one thing is for certain – travelers are always looking for unique and memorable experiences while on vacation, and hotels are continually innovating to deliver on that promise.

In conclusion, the topic of luxury hotels charging for poolside seats has become a trend in the hospitality industry, although it is not yet an industry standard. While some hotels continue to charge extra fees for poolside loungers, others are thinking creatively about how to enhance their poolside experience by offering more inclusive and premium amenities.

Experts have mixed opinions regarding this practice, but it is clear that luxury experiences still appeal to many travelers. Whether or not poolside chair rental is here to stay, hoteliers must constantly innovate to deliver unique and unforgettable experiences to guests.

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