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Traveling with WOW Air: Low Fares Hidden Fees and No In-Flight Entertainment

Introduction to WOW Air

Low Fares and Destinations

WOW Air is known for providing low fares and flying to destinations around the world. They offer passengers on a budget the chance to travel to places they never thought they could afford.

WOW Air began operations in 2011 as Iceland’s only low-cost airline. Since then, WOW Air has expanded to serve destinations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

WOW Air has made it possible for people who would otherwise have to sit at home to go out and see the world. Investigating the Airline’s Services

Air travel prices are known to fluctuate, sometimes making it difficult to secure affordable airfares.

When it comes to airfares, they tend to rise as the date approaches, so it’s always good to book your tickets in advance. WOW Air understands this well and has made it possible to do so.

But what about the services they offer during the flight? Are you getting your money’s worth?

Let’s investigate.

Traveling with WOW Air

Flexibility with Fares

WOW Air offers flexible fares, with prices starting from as low as $99. But don’t be fooled by the low fare ads that you see.

The $99 fares are one-way tickets that are mainly advertised on Mondays, and are only for flights departing in October. They also exclude return fares, taxes, as well as additional fees like baggage fees.

However, the good news is that the airline’s fares are still quite affordable other than this limited-time offer.

Hidden Baggage Fees

One common mistake that first-time WOW Air passengers make is assuming that baggage fees are included in their ticket prices. This is not the case, and the charges for checked bags, carry-on items, and personal items vary depending on when and how you book your ticket.

You will be charged more if you pay for your bags at the airport instead of beforehand. The best way to avoid paying extra for baggage is to weigh your baggage before you fly and make sure it complies with the airline’s baggage regulations.

No In-Flight Entertainment

WOW Air’s fares may be affordable, but don’t expect to enjoy in-flight entertainment. They don’t offer Wi-Fi on board, so you’ll have to entertain yourself throughout the flight.

If you plan to bring your iPad along, be sure to download movies and shows before leaving home because you won’t be able to use Wi-Fi onboard. You can also bring a book or listen to music to pass the time.

Bringing Your Own Food

You can save money when travelling with WOW Air by bringing your own food on board. The airline doesn’t offer complimentary meals, and the food available for purchase can be quite expensive.

You can bring snacks, a sandwich or a meal that’s compliant with WOW Air’s food rules. It’s worth noting that if you’re traveling from Iceland, you’ll not be able to bring meat and dairy products, as these items are strictly prohibited.


WOW Air is an affordable airline that flies to different destinations worldwide. They offer a range of flexible fares, but be sure to check their baggage regulations and fees to avoid any additional charges.

Additionally, don’t expect in-flight entertainment, as there’s no Wi-Fi on board. Bring your own food to save money, but be sure to check their food restrictions if you’re travelling from Iceland.

Don’t let small details stop you from seeing the world. Thanks to WOW Air, you have the opportunity to travel to new destinations on a budget.

Cost Breakdown

Overall Cost of the $99 Fare

WOW Air’s $99 fare deal seems too good to be true, but it’s worth taking advantage of if you can. The $99 fare is one-way, and travelers must book their tickets on Monday for travel in October.

Do keep in mind that WOW Air’s $99 fare does not include return fares or taxes. The airline charges additional fees for checked bags, carry-on bags, and seat selection, among other things.

The $99 fare is an excellent way to save money, but it does come with restrictions, so be mindful of them when booking your trip. Keep an eye on the airline’s schedule and plan your trip accordingly.

If you’re on a tight budget, planning your trip in advance and booking multiple one-way flights can be a cost-effective way to get around.

Additional Costs for Baggage

WOW Air’s baggage fees can add up quickly if you’re not careful. Passengers are allowed one free personal item that must fit under the seat in front of them, but there is a charge for other types of baggage.

The airline’s baggage fees vary depending on the route, departure date, and the type of baggage you’re bringing with you. If you’re traveling light, you can bring a small suitcase or a backpack that fits under the seat.

If you plan to bring a carry-on item or a checked bag, make sure it meets the airline’s requirements and ensure that it’s within the weight limit to avoid additional fees.

Bait-and-Switch Deal

WOW Air has been accused of using a “bait-and-switch” tactic when it comes to offering low fares. The airline advertises low fares on social media, but when customers go to book their tickets, they find that the advertised fare is no longer available.

The airline has also been accused of inflating prices for other services, such as seat selection and baggage fees. To avoid being a victim of this tactic, it’s essential to read the terms and conditions before you book your ticket and be sure to do your research.

Check the airline’s website regularly to see if there are any changes to the fares or additional fees. It’s also worth looking for deals elsewhere.

Some travel websites offer discounted flights with WOW Air, and you might save some money by booking through them. However, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully so that you’re aware of any restrictions or fees.


WOW Air’s $99 fare deal is a great way to travel on a budget, but it’s not without restrictions. The airline charges additional fees for checked bags, seat selection, and other services.

To avoid being charged extra, make sure you read the airline’s terms and conditions before you book your ticket. Travelers should also be aware of the airline’s bait-and-switch tactics and research other deals before booking their tickets.

The airline’s baggage policies can be confusing, so be sure to check the airline’s website for details, and to weigh your baggage before you fly. Overall, WOW Air is an affordable option for travelers, but it pays to be mindful of the fees and restrictions.

WOW Air is an affordable airline that offers travelers the opportunity to travel to different destinations on a budget. However, it’s essential to be mindful of the additional fees for checked bags, seat selection, and other services.

The coveted $99 fare deal comes with restrictions, and the airline has been accused of using bait-and-switch tactics. To avoid paying extra, read the terms and conditions before booking, weigh your baggage, and plan your trip accordingly.

By doing so, you can take advantage of WOW Air’s low fares while making informed and cost-effective travel decisions.

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