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Virtual Office Celebrations: Festive Ideas for Remote Teams

Virtual Office Holiday Celebrations: Keeping the Festivities Alive in the New Normal

This year has been a challenging one in so many ways for businesses across the world. With the pandemic still affecting daily lives, office holiday celebrations seem like a distant memory.

But, with the advent of virtual tools and techniques, it is possible to keep the festivities alive and bring joy to the workplace in the new normal.

Virtual adaptations

One of the most effective ways to celebrate the holidays with colleagues virtually is by organizing virtual Gingerbread House competitions. These can be conducted with the help of various online tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype.

This works by everyone in the office creating and decorating a gingerbread house from scratch using materials they can source themselves.

This is an excellent way of keeping the teamwork, and building skills that come with working together on a project alive.

At the end of the competition, the winner is declared, and the participants can compare their gingerbread creations. Another way to keep everyone entertained during a virtual holiday celebration is by planning professionally hosted virtual games.

You can take your pick from a vast array of games available from professional organizations that specialize in virtual event planning. You can also use traditional games with a virtual twist to keep everyone engaged and connected.

Classic holiday games

Nothing says the holidays more than Secret Santa and White Elephant gift exchanges. These are time-honored games played by friends and colleagues during the holidays.

To play these games virtually, you will need to adjust the mechanics to fit the virtual environment.

Online tools can be used to facilitate Secret Santa exchanges, such as Giftster or Elfster.

These tools allow you to create a wishlist and Secret Santa assignments without revealing who is assigned to whom. This is done through a gift exchange platform that enables participants to save their favorite items and share with their Secret Santa.

White Elephant exchanges can also be done using virtual tools such as or White Elephant Online. Participants can send their gifts to the participants they select, and each person can open their gift at the same time during the virtual celebration.

Adjusting mechanics

One major challenge of virtual holiday celebrations is creating that festive feeling that comes with in-person activities. You must get creative and use virtual tools to create a fun and interactive environment that employees will look forward to.

Visual engagement is crucial when organizing virtual celebrations. You can add visual elements to presentations with template designs that reflect the holiday season.

You can also encourage participants to add their personal pictures to personalize the presentation further, adding a human touch and creating a more meaningful experience for everyone.

Creating connections

It is essential to use virtual office holiday celebrations to foster team building and a sense of connection among colleagues. Virtual holiday celebrations can be used as an opportunity to bring teams together in a fun and festive way.

This will not only help break the monotony of work but also encourage team bonding. Corporate events can be challenging to keep employees engaged, especially when done virtually.

However, with the right tools and tactics, virtual holiday celebrations can create a cohesive and connected workplace. It can breathe new life into the organization and help to foster a sense of belonging among employees.

Final thoughts

Virtual celebrations may never fully replace traditional office holiday parties, but they can be just as fun and entertaining. By using the right tools and tactics, organizations can keep the holiday spirit alive and have fun while doing it.

It is important to ensure that even though everyone is not physically in the same place, the journey to the virtual holidays should be as meaningful and memorable. Hopefully, with these ideas, you can enjoy a fun virtual celebration with colleagues and keep the holiday spirit alive this season.

Thoughtful and Inclusive Gifting: Nurturing Relationships at the Workplace

One of the best ways to show appreciation for your colleagues and build stronger relationships is through gift-giving. However, it can be challenging to find the perfect gift that shows thoughtfulness and inclusivity, especially when working remotely or with newer hires.

In this article, we offer some suggestions for thoughtful and inclusive gifting in the remote workplace.

Understanding familiarity

Its important to consider how well you know your colleagues before giving them a gift, especially if you have recently joined the team and are still getting to know your colleagues. A good way to gain insights into your colleagues’ interests is through virtual coffee chats and team building activities and try to learn about social media posts, or hobbies that can influence their interests and shopping preferences.

If youve just joined a team, its also crucial to be mindful of office dynamics and ensure that you do not overstep boundaries when giving gifts. Keep in mind that colleagues have different degrees of comfort when it comes to gift-giving, and some may not be accepting of your overtures of goodwill.

Providing Personal Gifts

Personalized gifts show that you appreciate the uniqueness of your colleagues and the relationship that you share with them. Consider the recipients interests and likes when selecting a gift.

For instance, if a colleague is an avid reader, a new bestselling book can make a thoughtful gift. If they love cooking, a cookbook with unique recipes can be a great idea.

Taking the time to find out what your colleagues like can make all the difference and shows you genuinely care. The perfect gift does not have to cost a fortune, but it must show that you care and have put some thought into the gift.

Maintaining appropriateness

Whether gifting in a virtual or traditional setting, it is essential to use good judgment and taste when selecting gifts. Human Resources departments can also provide guidance on what type of gifts are appropriate, to ensure that they are not culturally offensive or inappropriate.

It is also important to remember that inclusivity is critical when giving gifts, especially in diverse workplaces. Gifts should not be specific to one religion or holiday but should be inclusive to different faiths and customs.

Avoid giving political gags that may offend colleagues with differing political views.

Shipping and reimbursements

The responsibility of shipping and logistics for remote colleagues can be daunting, especially when dealing with a large team. Fortunately, there are some ways to make this process easier.

Employers can provide a stipend or flat-rate cost of shipping to remote employees as part of their compensation package.

For on-site teams, reimbursements can be made to team members who take on the responsibility of distributing the gifts to colleagues on behalf of the organization.

Employers can also set a budget for gift giving, allocate a stipend to each team member, or discuss a set amount that covers all gift-giving activities across the team.

Budget considerations

It is important to consider your organization’s budget before setting up any gift-giving activities and ensure that they are allocated to all team members. This ensures that team members do not feel excluded from the gift-giving experience.

While gift-giving is intended to be a kind gesture to show appreciation, employers need to consider their budgets and create a gift-giving policy that is both reasonable and workable for all team members.

Final Thoughts

Gift-giving is a beautiful gesture that deepens relationships and fosters goodwill among colleagues. However, its essential to consider the appropriateness and inclusivity of every gift given, particularly in diverse workplaces.

Employers should take charge of the shipping logistics and budgetary aspects to ensure fairness, and employees should be open to inclusion and seek to create genuine and lasting bonds in the workplace. In this article, we discussed the importance of virtual office holiday celebrations and thoughtful and inclusive gifting.

We provided suggestions for virtual adaptations, classic holiday games, and adjusting mechanics. We also highlighted the importance of understanding familiarity, providing personal gifts, and maintaining appropriateness.

Finally, we discussed shipping and reimbursements, employer responsibilities, and budget considerations. These are all essential in creating a cohesive and connected workplace, fostering goodwill, and showing appreciation to colleagues.

By embracing these ideas, employers can keep the festive spirit alive in the face of challenging times and create a lasting impact and memorable impression on their colleagues.

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